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Below are some of the highlights of the event.

Centenary Panther

Crossing Scarborough’s historic Valley Bridge are the Centenary Panther pursued by the Centro of TM Travel and the Panther of Snaiths, Otterburn.

Consort WA

By volume, Wallace Arnold can be classed as Plaxton’s biggest customers, an early example of the marque delivered to WA is this 1958 model on an AEC Reliance chassis

Inside the Factory

Visitors enjoy a chat among the exhibits in the factory as a Panther 15m displays the operation of the NX lift arrangement offering exceptional accessibility for wheelchairs.

Panther 15m Megabus

Several examples of Plaxton’s groundbreaking Panther 15m were on display including this one destined for Megabus operations.

Bedford J2

Contrasting with the stainless steel frame of the Panther 15m in the background is a diminutive Bedford J2 with a 6 metre Embassy body in it’s bare frame stage, illustrating the more traditional timber frame construction which was commonplace until the 1970s.

State of the art paint facility

Visitors in the state of the art paint facility which not only displayed vehicles illustrating the various stages of the complex paint process, but also housed the displays by the many suppliers and sponsors who contributed so much to the success of the event.

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 Plaxton 100 Years banner showing various Plaxton bodied vehicles from 1907 to 2007